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Filling system

basic information

Equipment use: suitable for tubular battery powder powder filled with active material.

Equipment composition: material storage device, automatic weighing device, mixing machine, material conveying device, quantitative powder device, filling powder host, negative pressure cleaning device, back to the powder system, dust removal system, control system.

Performance, features:

○ Filling system with automatic weighing, automatic filling powder, automatic transmission and other functions.

○ PLC program control, with material level instructions, quantitative powder, filling powder timing function.

○ vibration host amplitude adjustable.

○ The scattered powder on the vibration table is sent back to the storage hopper by the powder return device, and the dust negative pressure is collected in the filling area, and the dust is sucked into the powder recovery device by the dust removal device.

○ equipment running smoothly, safe, reliable, maintenance, easy maintenance.

○ Equipment noise and dust exhaust emissions comply with national standards.