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The Party Committee of Torch Energy Company held a regular meeting of the third quarter party building work

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2020/10/09 14:48
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On September 28, the Party Committee of Torch Energy Company held a regular meeting of the third quarter party building work to summarize the preliminary work and deploy key tasks in the next phase. Ma Jiao, deputy secretary of the company’s party committee and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Party branch secretaries and personnel from various departments and departments attended the meeting.
  At the meeting, the various departments of the party and the masses respectively summarized the development of the preliminary work, analyzed the existing problems and shortcomings, and made arrangements for the key tasks in the next stage.
Ma Jiao talked about three aspects of his insights from the three tasks of my country's epidemic prevention and control, the company's production and operation in 2020, and the group inspection "look back", and affirmed the positive results achieved in various tasks and the role of party organizations and party members. Emphasizes the key points of prevention and control of anti-corruption risks before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival and daily, and put forward requirements for follow-up work. First, the party branch secretary must earnestly fulfill the responsibility of clean supervision and strive to create a clean development environment; second, actively cooperate with preparations and attach great importance to inspection work; third, perform their duties and make unremitting efforts to ensure the achievement of the annual goals and tasks ; Fourth, we must attach importance to party building work, promote the continuous improvement of party building work in accordance with the requirements of standardization, and effectively perform the duties of educating and managing party members, and build a strong fighting fortress.
   Ma Jiao also put forward requirements for safety and confidentiality during the festival.