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Xiao Yuanxiang, General Manager of Liugong Forklift, and his party visited Torch Energy

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2020/12/07 13:59
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On November 28, Xiao Yuanxiang, general manager of Liuzhou Liugong Forklift Co., Ltd., and his party visited Torch Company for investigation. Li Yuzhu, general manager of the Torch Energy Company, and relevant personnel from the sales company received the visitors.
   Li Yuzhu welcomed the visit of Xiao Yuanxiang and his entourage, and briefly introduced the company's development history, current operating conditions and future development plans to the visitors. He said that as a red central enterprise and a leading enterprise in the lead-acid battery industry for traction, Torch Energy adheres to its mission of "leading the development of the industry, supporting national defense construction, and serving the national strategy", and is committed to providing users with satisfactory products and services. For many years of forklift cooperation, the two parties have maintained an honest and friendly cooperative relationship. The company will focus more on its main business and market demand, further strengthen and optimize lead-acid batteries, continuously improve the technical level of lithium battery products, and promote more extensive and in-depth cooperation between the two parties.
  Xiao Yuanxiang expressed his gratitude to Torch Energy for its support for Liugong's development over the years, and introduced Liugong Group's strategic policy and future development plans for domestic and foreign construction machinery markets in recent years. He said that in recent years, Liugong Forklift and Torch Energy have established a solid foundation for cooperation and achieved good results. He hoped that both parties would continue to deepen practical cooperation and open a new chapter of cooperation.
  The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and reached consensus on the current market status, industry development, deepening cooperation, and jointly responding to market changes.
   Xiao Yuanxiang and his entourage also visited the company's exhibition room, the production site of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion power batteries.