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Talent Concept

The definition of talents depends on the value of creating value for society. Everyone should and can become a talent and create greater value for society. Talent is a dynamic concept. Nowadays, the market is very competitive. Today is a talent. It is not necessarily a talent tomorrow. It should constantly surpass itself and constantly improve its own quality.

The company adheres to the principle of “people-oriented”. Since its inception, the company has placed its talents at the center of gravity and tried its best to provide talents with opportunities to develop themselves and develop their careers. Encourage talents to realize their own value in the competition and make the greatest contribution to the company. The incentive mechanism is a human resource management system with incentives and constraints, stimulating the potential of employees and dynamic competition: the human resources management system starts from the four aspects of selecting, employing, educating and retaining people. Through various trainings and incentives, Constraints and competition mechanisms, such as competition for employment and optimal combination, mobilize employee enthusiasm, carry out reasonable internal competition, stimulate employees' potential, maximize individual abilities, enhance employees' professionalism and professionalism, enhance corporate cohesion, and promote continuous enterprise development of.

The company has introduced a series of incentive policies for the performance evaluation of employees, and rewards the achievements and skills acquired. Currently, these performance incentives have been recognized and accepted by all employees. The management of the company attaches great importance to communication with employees, comprehensively collects employee evaluation information of the company, actively organizes improvement, and continuously improves employee satisfaction.

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