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Torch Energy

Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd. (State No. 481 plant) was founded in January 1944, is one of the earliest development and production of lead-acid battery manufacturers, is a high-tech enterprises, is the production of military special battery manufacturers, one of the nuclear group qualified suppliers. The company mainly engaged in traction, fixed, electric vehicles with lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion battery development and design and production, now has annual production of 6 million KVAh various types of lead-acid batteries. The company has six wholly-owned subsidiaries, covering the battery manufacturing equipment, shell, partitions, cables, boxes and other production and sales for the "torch" battery development help.

The company has approved by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee of the comprehensive laboratory, the provincial enterprise technology center, Shandong Province, power battery engineering technology research center and the Chinese shipbuilding industry Zibo battery product performance testing center, and the establishment of the integration of military and civilian quality management System, has passed the IS09001 quality system certification, occupational safety and health management system and environmental management system certification. The series of products were "Taier" certification, the Golden Sun certification, CE certification and related special explosion-proof product quality certification, security certification, classification societies certification.

The company has engaged in the development of lead-acid batteries and related products R & D, design and trial production experience and technical capacity, the production of "Torch" brand lead-acid batteries, two times the highest quality of the battery field award - the National Silver Award, won the national And ministerial quality product award. The company's products have been in the leading domestic level, is traction series in line with the DIN standard PzS series, BS standard DB series and GB D series of lead-acid batteries, mainly supporting domestic and foreign tractors, electric vehicles, electric tour buses, explosion-proof vehicles and other fields; A large number of supporting domestic and foreign electric vehicles and major projects at home and abroad (Shanghai World Expo, Kunming World Expo Park, Xi'an World Expo supporting the electric vehicles and major cities in the country subway engineering vehicles) and exported to many countries in the world, the company won the China Construction Machinery Industry Association of industrial vehicles and a number of forklift manufacturers to produce the best supplier of accessories title. Fixed with lead-acid batteries GFM series, OPzS series, OPzV series is widely used in national defense, communications, electricity, energy storage and other fields. Electric car batteries are widely used in electric tour buses, electric road vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles and other fields.

The company is willing to sincere service to the community to provide quality "torch" brand all kinds of products.